Thank you to everyone who came to The Beauty Girl’s and The Bump Club and Beyond’s first ever Girl’s Night Out this past Tuesday at Hub 51. We hope you filled up on the food (I’m still dreaming about the mini hamburgers and yummy Crumbs cupcakes) and drinks and felt relaxed and rejuvinated after your hand massages and neck lift treatments courtesy of Clarins and manicures and brow shapings provided by Exhale. Congrats to all the raffle winners! Enjoy your new $600 Bugaboo stroller, $300 Furla bag, $500 worth of Clarins skincare, suite of Phyto products, 1-month membership to Exhale and other prizes. And, we hope the $200+ worth of goodies like the gift certificate for a haircut and blowout at Charles Ifergan, Phyto haircare, Clinique makeup, Clarins skincare, Priti NYC polish, MD Moms treat, free fitness class and more in your gift bag was the perfect end to a great event.

Below are the highlights from my presentation on time-saving beauty secrets and a gallery of photos recapping the night’s festivities. P.S. Hope you can come to Saks on Michigan Ave. Feb. 17th from 6-8pm! I’ll be talking about spring beauty trends and offering one-on-one advice. Plus, there will be music, wine and special gifts with purchase!

The Beauty Girl’s Best Time-Saving Beauty Secrets

No one needs to know you’re tired, have a zit or fine lines. Do what the celeb makeup artists do for their clients: conceal and highlight. Lorac Double Feature is an amazing two-in-one, and I love the blender ball on top.

Hair accesssories beef up a busted ponytail. L. Erickson headbands are especially chic and you can see all the styles on

Screw nail polish remover. Sula polish looks great, saves time and is so fun to peel off, it’s addicting!

Bootie Pies are one of my favorite inventions. They’re so comfy and practical for pedicures because they let you skip the drying time.

I’m a huge fan of Clarins skincare and love that it’s so natural. Some of my must haves are the The Beauty Flash Balm, Body Treatment Oil (the brand’s #1 seller) and Stretch Mark Control, which any pregnant woman will appreciate.

Like Clarins, Phyto haircare is based in naturals and its formulas actually work. Highlights are the Phytovolumactiv volumizing spray, a hairstylist staple backstage at fashion week, Phytocyane treatment, which was developed to help peeps like pregnant women who experience temporary hair loss post delivery, and the Phytodefrisant relaxing balm, which squashes frizz to give you a beautiful blowout

Berry lipstick = facestick. Wear a berry shade on your lips, cheeks and lids. Clinique Butter Shine lipstick in raspberry rush, which was in all of the gift bags, is a pretty example of this hue.

When you’re too tired to wash up, wipe away makeup, oil and the day’s grit with makeup remover wipes. Stash them on your nightstand.

Quick fixes like the Goody Spin Pin and dry shampoo like Suave’s new one, which is only $3, will save you from a bad hair day.

Me with my amazing co-host Lindsay, founder of The Bump Club

Lots of mingling and smiling going on.

Whether you were preggars, single or a mom, there was something to eat and drink for everyone.

Filling up on delicious eats including sushi, grilled cheese, mini gourmet burgers, tacos, and more, thanks to Hub 51.

Guests enjoying manis from Exhale.

Exhale also provided brow shaping services.

Everyone got to unwind with amazing hand massages and neck lifts from Tina, a Clarins skincare specialist.

We had about 100 women come to Sub 51 at Hub 51 for Girl’s Night Out.

That’s me about to share my time-saving beauty secrets.

Raffle prize winner showing off the hundreds of dollars worth of Phtyo haircare products she’s going home with.

Come to our Girl’s Night Out event and you may leave with a $300 black Furla bag like our winner here.

Yeah for Jaclyn, who won a 1-month membership to Exhale.

We’re all smiles for the winner of $500 worth of Clarins products that includes a full skincare regimen, makeup and body products.

Perfect timing! The winner of the $600 Bugaboo stroller is about to pop.

Congrats to Lauren, who won a basket of treats including dry shampoos, cleansing wipes and a book.

Yes, that’s my hand reaching in for the insanely yummy Crumbs cupcake.

All guests left with $200+ of goodies in reusable gift bags.

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