“Oh my god, your skin looks airbrushed. Every pixel is perfect. I’ve never seen your skin look like this,” said my husband. Yes, that was my greeting when I walked in the door, makeup-less, after a facial. Sold!

Saks Fifth Avenue invited me in (note: spa-like treatment rooms are hidden away on level 2 and reserved for VIP clients) to experience a Cellcosmet facial. Cellcosmet is a Swiss-based, high-end skincare line the store has started carrying. The formulas contain organic plant oils and marine extracts, but what sets them apart is the integration of patented plant-based cells, which are supposed to have impressive anti aging benefits.

The hour-long treatment included the usual cleanse, exfoliation, mask (smells divine with a hint of cinnamon), facial massage, etc., which was all enjoyable. However, the step that came directly after the face scrub was the game changer. The esthetician rubbed on the activator gel, and my skin instantly responded. I felt a slight tingling that reminded me of the sensation I get just when I start to exercise and the blood gets moving. The gel is supposed to bring oxygen to cells and allow for other products to better penetrate the skin. It really did something because my husband doesn’t lie…at least when it comes to my skin. Surprisingly, my freckles looked calmer, too. However, there is a catch. The gel is $100, and it’s one of the least expensive products in the collection. Then again, compared to the brand’s best-selling day and night moisturizer Ultra Vital, which is $230, this is a steal. Love how I can justify anything!

That’s me and my naked post-facial face with my gorgeous boy Rex, who has the creamiest, dreamiest baby skin.

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