Last month we had our 4th annual Best Beauty Buys for Moms Event with Bump Club and Beyond, presented by Clarins, Phyto and Bath & Body Works. Moms and moms-to-be gathered at the Argent Restaurant for a night of beauty treatments (manicures, brow waxes, chair massages and micro-derm facials) powered by PrettyQuick, food, mocktails and cocktails, a presentation of my spring beauty must-haves, raffles prizes and gift bags galore. Everyone left with more than $200 worth of beauty products! To name a few: Cocktail Fragrance Bubble Bath, Jouer and Cargo lip glosses, Aveeno baby products, B. Kamins skincare, Rosebud lip salve, Bath & Body Works fragrance, Phyto hair de-frizzer, GoSwype antibacterial wipes, Clarins body oil and stretch mark control cream and the list goes on. Here are some photo highlights and a slideshow, courtesy of Tk Photography, showcasing the evening’s festivities.

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