I recently visited Chicago’s Sine Qua Non salon for my first time. As a beauty writer, part of my job is to take beauty risks like trying new services, sampling a variety of salons and so forth and then reporting on my experiences so you can get the real 411 on whether or not it’s worth taking the plunge. This way, if anyone ends up with a crooked haircut, it’s me — not you.

I went to the Lincoln Park salon not knowing what the hell the name meant or that I was going to end up leaving with dyed eyebrows. My intention was to just get a brow wax. When it comes to brows, skinny is not sexy. I learned this the hard way a fews years back when mine suffered from a beauty adventure gone bad. Brows should have clean lines, tamed hairs and a natural fullness. What I got were two narrow frowns that had been plucked to smithereens. The weeks it took for my brows to bounce back proved how necessary they are. They not only frame your face, they help form your expressions (unless you’ve overdone it with Botox).

Thankfully, history did not repeat itself during this salon visit, and my arches were whipped back into shape with a gentle wax. Then, I took things a step further. The brow expert Anne mentioned that she tinted eyebrows. Even though I use a brow powder at home to fill in my brows and darken them a touch, I’d never considered coloring mine before. But, tempt me with a new service, and I wouldn’t be doing my job if I said no. So, I decided I was up for the ride. (See how they turned out in the above pic).

She first rubbed something that was like Vaseline on the skin around my brows so it didn’t get stained and then applied the tint. After about 10 minutes, Annie swiped off the color with a wet cotton ball. While the process was uneventful, I was pleasantly surprised by how this tweak could make such a positive impact on my face and on my lifestyle. The subtle contrast created between my fair skin and dark brows really accentuated my blue eyes. Plus, I’m really liking that my makeup routine requires one less step. I’ve shoved my brow powder to the bottom of my makeup bag and that’s where it will remain for at least the next six weeks (that’s how long it takes for the dye to gradually fade). Better yet, there’s no upkeep or touchup required. Just gotta decide when to schedule my next appointment. What about you? Would you get your eyebrows tinted? Comment below! p.s. Turns out Sine Qua Non means “an indispensable or essential ingredient.”

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