Summer Loving: 6 Beauty Products That Deserve Extra Attention

summer beauty
Posted on Aug. 20, 2014

I'm always testing, trying, slathering. Here are some of the products I consider summer standouts. I've got everyone covered from guys to babies (though some may wonder if there's really a difference) and am cluing you in to why these make the cut. 


1. J. R. Watkins: I love the creamy texture of this body wash. It's rich without being too thick, so you can use it with or without a loofah, and you're not stuck squeezing out more product every five seconds.   

2. American Crew Classic Men's Fragrance: I gave this to one of my friends to give to her hubby. He's wasn't a cologne wearer. He is now. They both love the scent. It's got a combo of citrus and spice that comes off clean, subtle and masculine.

 3. Coola Tinted Mineral Sunscreen: If there were only one product I could put on my face in the summer, this is it. It serves as my mineral sunblock and tinted moisturzer in one, and the souffle-like texture is soft and light, which is what you want when it's hot. 

4. Dentek: If my job were to floss daily, I'd be fired. But, these floss picks do make getting in-between the teeth easier. For all the moms out there, they make them for kids, too! 

5. Rodan + Fields Redefine Eye Cream: This formula contains the blockbuster ingredients that you need to actually reduce the appearance of lines and see results. I also like that the cream feels great going on and doesn't sit on skin.  

6. Devita Baby Butter Cheeks: My youngest Jasper has very sensitive skin. While this balm is made to soothe butt cheeks, I rub it on his chubby cheeks instead to relieve redness and dryness. 





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