Clean Girl beauty is trending, and I stopped by WGN Daytime Chicago to share what this look is all about and how to pull it off. While some think minimal makeup means you have to give up your makeup altogether, it’s actually about using makeup to create a softer finish that embraces your natural features and enhances your beauty. This means using lighter textures and opting for formulas that provide both cosmetic and skincare benefits. Watch the segment below to get the scoop.

Clean Girl beauty starts with your skin so always make sure you have a solid sunscreen that can double as a makeup primer.

If you feel more comfortable with a tinted sunscreen to even your skin tone during the day, choose one that has SPF.

When it comes to minimal makeup for the evening, go for a foundation that also works to improve your skin’s texture.

As for the eyes, skip color shadows and focus on your lashes. Curl them and then apply a waterproof mascara. It’s like hairspray for your lashes.

If you’re not used to wearing more neutral makeup, bring in color with your accessories. A fun headband or bright earrings will add that pop you’re used to.

Lastly, if you feel like you always look tired, an in-office treatment using fillers can brighten up the eye area and create lasting results so you feel like you don’t need to apply under eye concealer before leaving the house.

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