Lise Watier Press Trip in Montreal -- What To Buy & What I did

Posted on Nov. 9, 2012

Day two started out with a lovely brunch at the Ritz with Madame Watier (shown above). I was impressed by Lise Watier, not only because she's the founder of this successful 40-year-old company and is still involved in the product creation, but also because she's on a mission to empower women and has taken this a step further by forming her own charity.

As for the products, here's what stood out to me...

Class was in session. We got to play with and learn about the Lise Watier beauty products.

Portfolio ($31) is a consistant best seller. You can mix and match the colors to tone down redness, brighten skin, hide shadows and cover pimples. I like that there are directions on the back so it's very easy to use.

Glitter makeup is usually a major no-no for mature women. Most beauty experts would agree that if there's a chance it'd get stuck in fine lines, then it's no longer appropriate for you. Madame Watier, on the other hand, still wears glitter (she'll apply a little bit of liquid glitter liner over her regular liner to accentuate her eyes for an event) and she's 70. Her philosophy is that a hint of sparkle brightens the face. Most of all, it's fun. Hence, you shouldn't be surprised that the brand embraces sparkle and offers it in almost every color and type of product imaginable. From loose and cream shadows, to liquid liner and nail polish and even a special silicone shadow brush meant specifically for applying glitter (shown above), the Lise Watier glitter makeup is refined and actually very pretty. You do need to be careful with how much you apply because it can spread all over your face. That said, Madame did teach me that a hint can be pretty at any age.

Neiges ($55), which means snow in French, is the best selling fragrance in Canada. It's light and clean and very wearable for anyone.

These makeup remover wipes really do work. By the end of the class my hand was covered in swatches of color, including waterproof formulas, and these wipes cleaned up the mess. Plus, they're made of fabric rather than paper so they're gentle on skin.

This isn't the first time I've seen this packaging for a lip gloss. Years ago when I worked at the now defunct Shop Etc. magazine, a bunch of brands including Victoria's Secret launched lip glosses with the same light and mirror to make applying your lipstick in a dark restaurant or on-the-go easier. Now the same fun light-up glosses are back. The gloss formula is different, and I do like the way it feels and wears on my lips. And this packaging is always a hit with women.

On our last day in Montreal we had an incredible photo shoot. A professional stylist was on set as were an amazing team of hair and makeup artists to create our looks. Stay tuned to see my final shot!

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