Design Idea: Wrapping Paper as Wall Art

Posted on Dec. 5, 2012

Looking for some design inspiration? We've all been stuck with an empty white wall at one point or another--they beg for a "statement piece." For me, it was my tiny college dorm room enclosed by white cinderblock walls (oh, the glamour!). Blik self-adhesive wall decals were the answer. Think: chandeliers, olive trees, sock monkeys. I was excited to discover that Blik upped the ante on their wall decals and teamed up with WRAPPED to create large-scale, self-adhesive wallpaper. WRAPPED is known for their fantastic wrapping paper and their designs are now being made into huge Blik decals. The designs are truly a work of art and can cover an entire wall--for less than $100. Check out the awesome Blik x WALLPAPER designs below!
posted by Cody

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