How To Hide Stubborn Dark Circles

Posted on May. 19, 2015

If dark circles plague you, based on the number of people who ask me for advice on this issue, I assuming they do, click "read more" below to watch this video I created for you. I'm revealing a legit trick that will make these annoying shadows disappear. If all else fails, you could resort to red lipstick like this girl, whose video went viral after ...


Why In The World I Was A Guest Speaker at the American Academy of Facial and Reconstructive Surgery Conference

Posted on May. 15, 2015
Photo Credit: I was honored to be included among this group, and being that the Selfie was the topic at hand, we felt it appropriate to take our own. Pictured above from left to right: Susanna Negovan, Dr. David Kim, Dr. Steven Dayan, Dr. Laura Berman (who I was especially excited to meet after watching her share her advice on Oprah for so many years as well as countless other shows) and me.

Last night I was out of my element. It was me in a room full of plastic surgeons who came in town from all over the world for the American Academy of Facial and Reconstructive Surgery conference held at the Chicago Sheraton Towers. On any other day, these are the doctors us civilians would seek out for advice and consultations. However, this time around all eyes were on me and the three other experts, psychologist Dr. Laura Berman, Ph.D. and...

Giveaway: Win A Year's Worth of Lipstick

Posted on May. 12, 2015

If you wear the same lip color year round, you're missing out. That's why I'm bringing you this Shades For All Seasons Giveaway. Every woman needs to rotate her lipsticks like she does her wardrobe. During fall and winter, you should be playing with deeper tones. Come spring and summer, it's all about slick, shiny hues. I recently discovered a small makeup line started by Indiana-based makeup artist Kimberly...

Gifts Mom Really Wants for Mother's Day But Would Never Buy for Herself

Posted on May. 2, 2015

Moms are so busy worrying about, shopping for and scheduling around everyone else, by the time we have a chance to think about ourselves, all we want to do is plop on the couch. With that in mind, we've curated a thoughtful list of gifts moms would love and want but would never take the time to get for themselves. P.S. If you want to really knock it out of the park, scroll down as I'm about to share the best gift...

Win Clinique Makeup & Skincare!

Posted on May. 1, 2015

Clinique is on a mission to inspire you to take better care of your skin, body and mind. I love this message because at the end of the day, we all know nothing else matters if you don't feel good inside. To get you on the right track, Clinique is inviting you to their #StartBetter event this Sat. May 2nd at the Macy's Water Tower Chicago from 12-3pm. This event really is all about you...

Top 10 Manicures You Didn't Know You Were Missing

Posted on Apr. 27, 2015
Photo Credit: Photo courtesy Paintbox Nails

Happy Mani-Monday, Beauties!

We're excited to introduce a new feature on The Beauty Girl. Throughout each month we'll be sharing our current #TBGtop10, and no topic is off limits. First up -- manicures! Check out our top 10 favorite nail design ideas & inspirations to try this season. We want to know which one will influence how you do your next mani. And if you have a...

10 Reasons To Try A Cold Water Rinse

Posted on Apr. 24, 2015

You know that feeling when you dip your toe into the ocean, and the icy temp takes your breath away. Well, that cold water can take away a lot of other nasty things too like frizz, stress and a low libido. Cold water therapy has been used in other cultures for centuries, and we've slipped into our share of hot and cold plunge pools at the spa. But it wasn't until I heard my husband screeching in the shower that...

50 Best Beauty Blogs

Posted on Apr. 22, 2015

Navigating the vast beauty blogosphere can be a major time suck -- or a procrastinator's dream. To help you out, BeautyHigh compiled a list of the 50 Best Beauty Blogs, and I'm honored to have been included. Click here to see which blogs made the cut.  


The Short On Summer's Hottest Shorts

Posted on Apr. 17, 2015

We've never been big on shorts. They don't do as much for our bodies as say a maxi, which also provides nice ventillation. But we're changing our ways, thanks to the newest shorts to hit the streets. They're a combo of a high-waisted short and a culotte, and this marraige delivers the best of both worlds. The style is flowy, feminine and flattering with details that are sophisticated and edgy. Shop our favorites!...

5 Beauty Trends Worth Trying

Posted on Apr. 13, 2015

The latest beauty trends are giving us a green light to be lazy. Even better, many are looks you can actually do yourself, and people will actually take you seriously. We've pointed out 5 of our favorite trends that really are worth trying.

1. "Undone" Hair


2. Defined/Bronzed Cheek Bones


Swap out color for contour. In...

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