The Short On Summer's Hottest Shorts

Posted on Apr. 17, 2015

We've never been big on shorts. They don't do as much for our bodies as say a maxi, which also provides nice ventillation. But we're changing our ways, thanks to the newest shorts to hit the streets. They're a combo of a high-waisted short and a culotte, and this marraige delivers the best of both worlds. The style is flowy, feminine and flattering with details that are sophisticated and edgy. Shop our favorites!...

5 Beauty Trends Worth Trying

Posted on Apr. 13, 2015

The latest beauty trends are giving us a green light to be lazy. Even better, many are looks you can actually do yourself, and people will actually take you seriously. We've pointed out 5 of our favorite trends that really are worth trying.

1. "Undone" Hair


2. Defined/Bronzed Cheek Bones


Swap out color for contour. In...

TBG Deal: Get 15% Off Luxe Beauty Products

Posted on Apr. 10, 2015

 Beauty products rarely go on sale, but we've found a site that offers great deals on your favorite products. is an online store selling a curated selection of high-end beauty products at a discount. 

Even better, The Beauty Girl has teamed up with WeMakeBeauty to help you out. Use promo code...

Meet The Newest Beauty Girl Marguerite

Marguerite McAdam Hardy - August 2014
Posted on Apr. 8, 2015

Meet Marguerite!

Hello all! First off, I am extremely excited to be working with Nicole Pearl, The Beauty Girl as her right-hand woman and intern. Blogging has been a dream of mine, and now I finally get to start this journey.


What Makes Me A Beauty Girl:

I'm an artist. That's my work in the above photo! I vibe colors and textures and love to experiment with new and avant garde styles. I am...

Suede Sneaks: A Spring/Summer 2015 Style Must Have!

Posted on Apr. 6, 2015

Every spring, I search for a new, everyday shoe. It becomes my go-to stylish sneaker that I can slip on, take walks in, pair with  shorts or a dress depending on if I'm running after the kids or into a meeting. Metallic Supergas got me through last summer. I've already broken in my newest find -- these suede...

New AcneFree Drying Lotion: A Must-Have for Spring Break

Posted on Apr. 3, 2015

Fingers crossed Chiberia is behind us, and we can look forward to warmer weather starting with Spring Break. To help speed the process along, I've already shared my bathing suit wish list. The other must-have for a successful trip is to have your skincare "in case of emergency" product as I like to call it. You can't predict...

Part 2: Talking Skin, Kids, and Doing It All with Rachel Zoe

Posted on Apr. 1, 2015

Here's part two of my sit-down with Rachel Zoe. Click here to watch part 1. Scroll down for links to Rachel's favorite beauty products and places to shop.

TBG: I think our boys are around the same age. So, I gotta ask, how do you do it all?

Rachel: Did you see the bags under my eyes?


Highlights from Our 2015 Beauty Bash

Posted on Mar. 27, 2015

All I can say is Wow! When I think back to when I first met with The Bump Club founder Lindsay Pinchuk (she was pregnant with her first, and I didn't even have kids yet), we instantly connected. We were both early in our businesses and this meeting, which was originally just a simple way to network, has turned into a wonderful friendship and a business relationship. 5 years and 4 kids (between the two of us) later, we were wrapping up...

The Fuss About Younique Mascara

Posted on Mar. 25, 2015

Fiber mascara isn't new. I featured one of the first to launch on the Today show. Since then, this product category has become super popular, and we've seen a ton of brands launch their own version. People are fans because these formulas contain fibers that kind of look like tiny, fuzzy, black hairs, and they adhere to and...

How To Contour: No Makeup Skills Required

Posted on Mar. 23, 2015

As you know, my motto is Beauty Shouldn't Be a Bitch. When it comes to makeup techniques that require skill, like contouring, I take the realistic, doable approach. You won't be seeing intricate videos showing you how to contour your face like Kim Kardashian. First of all, she has a professional makeup artist shade and blend all of her makeup to cast various shadows on her face and create the illusion of narrower, more defined ...


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